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The Health Resilience Exchange (H-ReX) is the transformational national data and information exchange supporting the common needs of healthcare, public health, health security and homeland security.

Changing the Value Curve

H-ReX changes the value curve. Gone forever are the many siloed connections and one-way stovepipes to meet mandated reporting requirements with no feedback. Vendors benefit from a consistent use of standards enabling innovation rather than arcane and contradicting guidelines.

Meaningful Use

H-ReX enables eligible hospitals and providers to meet public health Meaningful Use measures while also addressing mandatory reporting requirements. A single connection with H-ReX reduces cost and complexity. Public health interoperates with standards and can flexibly deploy applications to meet specific needs.


H-ReX services include rich routing options to enable adaptive situational awareness and dynamic decision support for multiple public health and health security uses through a single feed while enforcing data access rules.


When an outbreak or catastrophic disaster takes place timely data is crucial for medical response. H-ReX’s context-based rules dynamically feed data to existing emergency operations and management systems reducing the need for costly, time-consuming manual input.

H-ReX Partnership

H-ReX is built on a pioneering partnership-based governance and operations model enabling new public/private relationships to quickly transition from pilots to production with a unified certification process to enable private sector innovation and ensure competitive government procurement.